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Automatic Pneumatic Conveyor Recycling Blast Room

Automatic Pneumatic Conveyor Recycling Blast Room
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Product Description
Automatic Pneumatic Conveyor Recycling Blast Room is a durable and efficient heavy sandblasting enclosure. This is well-designed for managing heavy-duty applications. This room is capable for containing the operator and work piece. This is sure to provide the best functions for delayed duration without losing performance and quality.

Main Features:

  • The blasting room comes with minimum operating costs that are environmental protected as well as energy saving
  • The blasting room is designed with contemporary double-layer filtration as well as sand blocking phenomenon that occurs in the returning sand pipe to success recovery of the abrasive.
  • The sandblasting room is provided with the honeycomb floor recycling structure without any need of dig the pit to ensure less costing and reduce construction time
  • Simplified and easy structure that adopts interlock control to save human resource and energy of maintenance and repair
  • The standard wear module is well-equipped having standard modules that ensure easy to maintain and replace to avoid heavy maintenance work
  • The blasting chamber body is designed with the upper part to refill the air and the lower part is widely used for absorbing the dust for suppressing the dust. This dust is drained downwards. This comes with high-visibility in the chamber and the sandblasting operation is definite. The physical and mental health is protected
  • The overall sand-absorbing floor recovers all the sand materials in one time without any residual sand on the ground. There is no need for manual cleaning to save working time. The scratchy recovery rate of pneumatic sand recycling pipeline is 99% that is convenient to change the abrasive.
  • The overall blasting room technical performance is advanced that meets the dust emission needs as per the environmental protection and the environmental pollution is eliminated
  • Comparison between traditional mechanical blasting room and environmentally-friendly pneumatic blasting room

Comparison between environmentally-friendly pneumatic blasting room and traditional mechanical blasting room


Honeycomb wind circulation sandblasting room

Traditional mechanical 

circulation sandblasting room


0.5-1.2 m or no foundation, low construction cost.

2.5-4 m deep pit, high waterproof requirements, foundation construction costs are several times higher than pneumatic recovery.


Abrasive sorting There is a separate sand returning fan. The cyclone separator is used to sort the abrasive. The particle size can be adjusted accurately, and the dust is large.

There is no separate return sand blower, and the suction pipe is used for vacuuming. The particle size of the abrasive cannot be adjusted, and the air volume of the dust is not easy to be enlarged, and the sprayed abrasive is not uniform;



beautiful, the floor space is small, and the installation is convenient. Since all the equipment are connected by pipes, the installation positions of each system can be installed at will according to the site conditions.

Each transmission system needs to be closely coordinated, it is impossible to change the installation position, the floor space is large, and the maintenance is inconvenient.



remaining in the sand return system and fewer Abrasives

remaining in the sand return system, such as screw conveyors, bucket elevators and other equipment will accumulate a large amount of abrasive


The overall sand-absorbing and dust-absorbing floor, the wind flow from top to bottom, the dust suppression environment, dust content, visibility, dust emission are better than the national standard.

Because the underground material needs to be installed with sand conveying equipment, the suction method is generally sucking up. The wind or side suction forms a dusty environment with high dust content, low visibility, and poor working environment.


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